How Bad Sugar Works for Our Health


Is your health not going good enough? Are you taking sugar in your daily diet? One of the worst ingredients in your daily diet is sugar.  Generally, taking sugar is very harmful to our health. In the past, most of the people are adding sugar in their daily diet routine. As a result, most of the people are suffering from obesity, diabetes and other health problem.

Presently, The WHO (World Health Organization) has announced to reduce sugar in the daily diet by 50%. Also, most of the nutrients or health experts are strictly saying to eliminate the sugar from the daily diet chart.

How bad sugar works for our health:-

Sugar is the main reason for diabetes and obesity. Generally, sugar works as a main source of energy for our body. The excess sugar that is not transformed into energy is produced as a fat in our body. So, we are gaining weight. Also, a lot of health problems will arise.

Why sugar is bad for our health?-

There are many reasons obtainable. The top 4 reasons are,

  • It leads to the tooth problem- Are you facing the extreme tooth pain? Do you know the reason of tooth pain? The reason is eating too much sugar. The bacteria in the mouth eat this sugar, sweet etc. It just breaks the enamel of our teeth.
  • Sugar causes heart disease- Eating too much sugar is bad for our heart. It not only makes us fat but also it makes heart condition too bad. Sugar provides various fatal heart diseases.
  • It causes kidney disease-If you have the high blood sugar, you may have a chance of kidney disease. Generally, sugar affects the microvascular vessels in the kidney. So, the kidney cannot maintain its function properly.
  • Sugar causes acne- If you have the high sugar diet, you will suffer from acne problem. Generally, sugar produces the sebum or oil on our face. Oil is the main reason for acne.

It is not a simple solution to reduce the sugar from diet chart. If you eliminate sugar from our daily diet, the obesity and diabetes problem will be reduced. But, the energy level will be reduced and people will be unhealthy. It is important to add sugar in our daily diet chart. In that case, we can add some substitute product of sugar that can make us healthy.

Samples of product which can replace sugar:-

  • Sorbitol- Generally, it is not sweet same as regular sugar. It is used in candy, berries and fruits. Also, it is used as stabilizer.
  • Agave Syrup- It is quite same as honey. The popularity of this syrup is increasing rapidly. But, it is more nutritious than the regular sugar.
  • Stevia- Stevia is widely used as a calorie-free sweetener. Nowadays, most of the people are using this herbal substitute.
  • Advantame- It is used in cooking. Generally, it is a white crystalline powder that is water soluble. This compound is found in vanilla.