Processed Food Not So Good


Processing of a food can be divided into two sections, mechanical processing and chemical processing. Foods that are chemically processed and many artificial ingredients are added to keep it good for a longer time are called processed food. These foods are really dangerous for our health, and they are a major contributor to obesity. Let us take a look at the harmful effects of processed food:


Very High Sugar Content:

Most of the processed food that we consume is loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup or generally known as sugar. Sugar is known as empty calories and it does not contain any essential nutrient. Sugar can have huge effect on metabolism and it leads to insulin resistance. It also helps in fat accumulation in our body and increases harmful cholesterol.


Use of Artificial Ingredients:

Most of the processed food that we consume is loaded with artificial ingredients to make it look attractive and taste better. But, at the end of the day it is surely going to harm your body. Various preservatives, colorants, and texturants are used in the processed food and when you read the food ingredients label you will not be able to understand anything.


Addiction to Processed Food:

There is no doubt that processed food is more attractive and tasty than other foods. So, it is very obvious that we will choose that over other foods. A person can easily become addicted to processed food and consume more than what the body needs. This may lead to obesity or other health related issues.


Low in Nutrients:

Various studies have proved that processed food is very low in essential nutrients when compared to unprocessed food. Sometimes, synthetic vitamins and minerals are added in order to maintain the balance of nutrients in the processed food. It is better for your health if you manage to say no to the processed food.