Vegan Diet is the New Healthy


Now we all have one of those exotic vegan friends who won’t even touch a dairy product let alone
eat meat. We always look at them and wonder how on earth do they do that, we also look at them
and admire their shiny hair, gorgeous skin or their perfect bodies. Vegans tend avoid everything that
is an animal bi product. Things like milk, cheese, butter are usually not on their diet. But recently of
course the market has been filled with vegan friendly butter cheese and ice creams. If you want to
lose some heavy amounts of weight going on a vegan diet plan is a very good idea for doing so.
Vegans do not eat animal bi products and thus the excessive calorie intake also reduces. It is very
common for a celebrity to go on a vegan diet because of its high efficiency. In this article we will be
talking about some vegan diet plans and how they are helpful if you want to lose weight.

Salads- Salads for vegans is filled with too many leafy vegetables excluding any animal fat products.
From lettuce, purple cabbage, chickpeas, Brussels sprouts, kidney beans etc. for then the dressing
will be either honey of maple syrup. Hummus is a favourite dip of the vegans and it is merely made
from ground chickpeas. Chickpeas have a compound called saponin in them that makes skin healthy.

Tofu- It is another very important and staple product of the vegans. Tofu is the vegan counterpart of
cottage cheese that is known to have high concentration of proteins in it. You will be surprise by
knowing how many types of tofu there is available in the market. Tofu is an excellent source of
protein and contains all of the eight vital amino acids.

Vegan Snack: Toasted sunflower seeds and dried oats is a perfect combination for a vegan snack.
Toasted sunflower seeds have nutrients like vitamin A, E, B1, they contain good amount of copper,
magnesium, manganese and phosphorous. These nutrients have anti cancerous and anti
inflammatory benefits. Sunflower seed have also been proven to treat diabetes.